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The choice of bathroom faucet
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Tip 1: is the tap lead removed

General faucet can contain lead, when buying, check whether faucet carries on lead removal first. When buying a faucet in a physical store, you should feel the weight of the faucet in person. At the same time, to observe whether the interior of the faucet is rough. The inner wall is rough, and it is easy to have problems such as small water output and fouling during the use

Tip 2: check the effect of the bubbler

In the process of using the bubbler, the water will be very soft. Water is a foam shape. The more bubbles, the higher the oxygen content. Bubbles will automatically adhere to the hands of the human body. This is one of the important standards to choose and buy faucets.

Tip 3: whether the faucet valve core is leaking

The valve core of the faucet is like a heart of the human body. In the process of use, whether the faucet will leak, whether it will not water, whether the cold and hot water will be confused, depends entirely on the valve core.

Tip 4: check the copper content of the tap

When buying faucets, pay attention to the copper content. The electroplating layer of the faucet will blister and peel, and whether there are particles and impurities on the surface. This is the key when we buy a faucet.

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